KWB WITTENBURG B.V. business sectors including import, export and distribution of fast moving consumer goods , accompanying forwarding services, transportation and complete package, diplomatic corps services in international trade.

We always campaigning, efforts to catch up with itself the pace of development of the market and the economy as well as the increasing demands in the field force logistics and transport. We are absolutely in compliance with the principle of continuously improving service quality and best meet customer satisfaction. Moreover, we want to emphasize that we always operate according to please the customer trends and meet the requirements of customers anytime, anywhere. Our objective is to give your guests good quality services, customers do not have to worry, bother, a delivery service, transport improvement.

KWB WITTENBURG B.V. offer customers all services related to freight forwarding, transport, road transport, sea transport, air transport, railway transport and warehousing services.1

KWB WITTENBURG B.V. has established long-term relationships with reputable carriers. We are committed to providing customers with reasonable transport services at low cost to any point in the world. We also distribute and deliver the goods to the customer needs in the whole territory of Poland. Dedicated staff, our experience has always taken special customer satisfaction is the top priority of KWB WITTENBURG B.V. . We always put the customer shipment under special attention, customs procedures quick, on-time delivery will always satisfy the most discerning customers.

Location of our warehouse is convenient to connect the highway,5.5km to Rotterdam Port.

We are committed to bringing our customers the optimal delivery schedules, with a competitive cost. To meet the increasing demands of your guests in global trade, KWB WITTENBURG B.V. constantly strive to please the most discerning customers. In relations with international partners, KWB WITTENBURG B.V. always respect the working principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit. We always listen and respond to customers in the shortest possible time, with the support of useful information.