Frozen Yellow Peach Dice

Variety: Guanwu / Golden boy cling style not free stone
Size: 10x10mm Diameter (less than 7mm, larger than 5mm) < 5 % by weight
Color: Typical original good golden color of raw yellow cling peach, less than 4% tolerance in discoloration, no pronounced greenish tints.
Brix: 6~8
PH: 3~3.5
Texture: Tender, free from signs of disintegration or fiber
Authenticity: The product is made from 100% natural, fresh and wholesome yellow cling peach of specified variety and is not modified in any way. GMO free
Flavor: Typical of yellow peach, free from off or objectionable flavors
Appearance: Free Flowing, With a 5 % tolerance for clumps which should be easily broken up
Shelf life:2 years

Freezing: The foodstuffs are deep frozen in suitable facilities and under appropriate application of the processing equipment. At the point in time of freezing, the core temperature after the temperature has balanced out is -18 or lower. Concerning any special requirements, reference is hereby made to the principles governing the individual deep frozen product.
Storage: Deep frozen foodstuffs are stored by the wholesaler in a manner that ensure that their temperature is constantly -18 or lower at all points.